Taxation Services

AMC is one of the pioneer firms providing Tax services and are respected by both the Government and the Private Sectors. The tax team is committed to provide clients with highest standard of professional advice and support in all of its diverse practice areas.

The tax partner of AMC is one of the senior and respected tax experts of the country. The Tax Team consists of specialized professionals, which caters for a large portfolio of diversified clients, which includes Manufacturing, Services, Real Estate and Retail Sector.

The firm is proud of its achievements in tax audit work outsourced by FBR to the private firms. The range of services provided by the Firm includes the following:

  • Filing of corporate and personal tax returns
  • Compliance work at both assessment and appeal stage
  • Filing of various statements with Tax Departments
  • Advice and consultation on various tax issues including the effects of mergers, liquidations, acquisitions or corporate re-organizations
  • Registration of various trusts and funds with FBR
  • International and cross border tax advice
  • Tax planning involving complicated models and tax shelters
  • Income and sales tax audits

The taxation services cover the following statutes:

  • Income Tax Laws
  • Federal Sales Tax Laws
  • Federal Excise Laws
  • Workers Profit Participation Fund
  • Workers Welfare Fund
  • Provincial Sales Tax on Services Laws

How can we add value at :

Strategic Level - Developing detailed planning strategies (including industry specific issues) to help reduce clients' administrative and tax costs from taxes which interalia includes.

  • Identification of tax efficient and effective planning opportunities.
  • Formulating tax efficient business models.

Operational level - Advising on the Income tax / sales tax / excise duty treatment / disclosures under periodic tax returns and potential liabilities of specific transactions.

Advisory Level - Advice on classification, valuation, applicability of taxes on transactions and admissibility to tax benefits/exemptions and Opinions on indirect tax issues.

Tax Health Check and Due Diligences

  • Carry out diagnostic health check analysis from a tax perspective.
  • Buy-side and sell-side tax due diligence for strategies acquisitions and disposals.
  • Ascertaining the tax liabilities (if any) that affect the financial performance of the entity, once the investment or disinvestment has been concluded.